The expert recalled the citizens who can retire early

The possibility of early retirement is possessed by pre-retirees with long work experience, unemployed pre-retirees, as well as women with many children, a professor at the Department of Finance and Prices of the PRUE tells the Prime Agency. G.V. Plekhanova Yulia Finogenova. Men and women who have reached the age of 60 and 55, respectively, with 42 and 37 years of experience, are considered pre-retirees with long work experience.

Unemployed pre-retirees can also retire early if they do not have the opportunity to find a job, they have no more than two years left before reaching retirement age, if they have at least 25 years of experience for men and 20 years for women, as well as the required number of pension coefficients for the year the pension was awarded (in 2021 – 21 points; in 2022 – 23.4 points). So, if you have three children, you can retire three years earlier, and if you have four children – four years, the expert noted.

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