The expert pointed to a new threat to the existence of the dollar

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Cryptocurrency in the future will be involved in international trade, which will eventually lead to a fall in the dollar. So says Ivan Gostev, commercial director of Gis mining, who maintains mining equipment.

“International settlements using cryptocurrencies is a real game with big stakes. <...> Blockchain (an electronic database that stores information about all transactions of participants using a system of blocks, which preserves security – approx. URA.RU) will replace the settlement system from the technical side. Everyone will create their own crypto ruble, yuan, dollar, etc. Bitcoin will go into a security asset. <...> This experiment may have a negative impact on the role of the US dollar in foreign trade, since banks will be able to make payments directly,” Ivan Gostev clarifies. His words are “reedus“.

The expert emphasizes that cryptocurrency can be stored separately, as well as traded, similar to gold and other precious metals. At the same time, the blockchain system will allow you to trace all transactions with the currency.

Lawrence McDonald, former vice president of Lehman Brothers financial corporation, said earlier that 50 American banks could declare bankruptcy. He will give an analogy to the 2008 crisis, where the economy began to decline due to massive bankruptcies. Prior to this, the two largest banks in the US went bankrupt.

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