The ex-head of Perm bailiffs will be sentenced on the last day of spring

Court on choosing a measure of restraint for the chief bailiff of the Perm Territory, Igor Kozhevnikov, in the Dzerzhinsky District Court.  Perm, Igor Kozhevnikov

Former chief bailiff Igor Kozhevnikov, who is accused of cashing money and taking bribes, will be sentenced on May 31. The consideration of the criminal case against the ex-official is completed, now the judge is making a decision. Such information is placed in the file cabinet of the Permsky District Court.

“The consideration of the criminal case against Kozhevnikov Igor Alexandrovich was completed on May 22, now the court is making a decision in the deliberation room. The verdict will be announced on May 31,” follows from the court file.

Kozhevnikov is accused of taking bribes and cashing out money in the amount of 200 million rubles. The official asked for 2 to 5% commission for his services. In cashing out money, he was assisted by a subordinate of Alexander Mardanova, who fully admitted her guilt and testified against her former bosses.


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