The European Union will allocate 25 million euros to support civil society in Belarus

BRUSSELS, 7 Dec – The European Commission has agreed on the allocation of 25 million euros for a program to support civil society in Belarus, according to a circulated statement EC.
It is reported that the funding will go “to support civil society, youth, students, university professors.”
The EU4Belarus program, which will receive funding, aims to “support the democratic aspirations of Belarus.” It is expected that funding will help organizations in Belarus “support democracy and human rights”, will provide 450 scholarships for Belarusian students and about 500 professional exchanges.
Relations between Belarus and Western countries deteriorated sharply after the presidential elections in 2020, which provoked unauthorized mass protests, which, among other things, were suppressed by law enforcement officers with the help of special equipment and special equipment. Western countries and a number of other states that supported their decisions gradually imposed sanctions against Belarusian officials and enterprises, accusing Minsk of election violations and violations of human rights. A new phase of the expansion of Western sanctions occurred due to Minsk’s support for the Russian military special operation in Ukraine.

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