The European Union has warned that the Taliban would be isolated from the international community if they took power through violence. The Taliban have also conquered Herat and Kandahar, 130 km from Kabul. On Thursday, European Union foreign policy chief Yosep Borrell issued a statement saying, “If power is seized by force and an Islamic emirate is established If so, the Taliban will not be recognized and will have to face international non-cooperation. Afghanistan’s instability will also face the possibility of continuing the fighting.” Borrell said the EU wants to continue to partner and support the Afghan people, but that support will be subject to a peaceful and inclusive agreement and respect for the fundamental rights of all Afghan people, including women, youth and minorities. Afghan Borrell stressed that the progress made in the status of women and girls over the past two decades, especially in the field of education, should be protected. He called for an immediate halt to violence in Afghanistan and the start of peace talks with the government in Kabul. Appealed. Borrell has also appealed to the government of Afghanistan to resolve their political differences and increase the representation of all parties and talk to the Taliban unitedly.(Photo Courtesy News18 English)



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