The European Union is checking the legality of the ban on Hungary and Poland on the import of Ukrainian grain

Representative of the European Commission (EC) Miriam Garcia Ferrer said that the legality of the ban on Hungary and Poland on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products is being studied at the level of the European Union (EU). The EU is also in contact with the Ukrainian authorities on this issue.

“In parallel with this, it must be remembered that trade policy is the exclusive competence of the EU, and such decisions should be made at the union level. That is why we have said that unilateral action is impossible in accordance with the EU trade policy,” Ms. Ferrer recalled at a briefing (quoted by Interfax).

Ms. Garcia Ferrer noted that the EC is aware of the consequences for agricultural producers, who suffer from duty-free imports of Ukrainian products. In this regard, the most affected states – Bulgaria, Poland and Romania – were assisted in the form of payments in the amount of €56 million. “We announced the second package of measures, which we are already working on. We will continue to support these countries that have suffered from Ukrainian imports,” the EC representative added.

Hungary and Poland banned the import of Ukrainian agricultural products on April 15. The ban is valid until June 30. The European Commission has criticized this decision as it was taken unilaterally. Slovakia introduced a similar ban.

Before the start of the special military operation, most of the grain from Ukraine was exported through the Black Sea ports. After the outbreak of hostilities, the European Union canceled import duties for agricultural products from Ukraine, thereby allowing it to export grain by land.

The cancellation of duties is valid until June. Farming organizations in Poland, Hungary, as well as Romania, Slovakia were dissatisfied, because Ukrainian agricultural products are deposited with them, in connection with which the price of goods from local producers is reduced.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Your products are closer to the body.”

Lusine Balasyan


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