The European Commission will allocate more than 3 million euros to “improve the perception of the EU” in China

The Commission’s Foreign Policy Instrument Service intends to allocate 3.3 million euros to strengthen the capacity of the European Union Delegation to China. About it informs RT with reference to the corresponding contract, which is designed for three years.

“These services are aimed at strengthening the capacity of the EU Delegation in China to establish stable and long-term engagement with a selected target audience in this country, develop partnerships and alliances with key stakeholders, improve the perception of the EU in China and enhance the role of culture in external relations,” — says in the document.

To achieve these goals, the EC is going to hold events in the field of public and cultural diplomacy in China. According to the document, the contractor will produce advertising and audiovisual content and materials, organize events, including cultural ones, as well as interact with the media and the whole audience. However, technical assistance efforts may include the establishment of reciprocal exchange programmes. The contractor will also organize exhibitions and competitions.


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