The EU will decide for itself which of the citizens of Moldova harms the democracy of the republic — EADaily, May 12, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News

The European Union is developing a mechanism of sanctions against citizens of the Republic of Moldova who harmed the sovereignty and democracy of the country. This was announced today, on May 12, by the head of the EU delegation in Chisinau Janis Mazejks.

The diplomat specified that the first names from this list would be made public soon. We are talking about Moldovan oligarchs in trouble with the law: the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuc and head of the Shor party Ilana Shore, which were previously sectionalized by the US and UK. In particular, according to the Moldovan authorities, they finance mass anti-government protests, destabilizing the situation under the pretext of social demands.

“Now it is clear that this will happen, because the EU has introduced a mechanism of sanctions for those who harmed the sovereignty of Moldova and the country’s democracy. So, indeed, a sanctions mechanism has recently been created, which does not yet have a name, this is the next stage of negotiations for member states, given how quickly this mechanism was completed, ” Janis Mažejks noted.

The European official added that the mechanism was created in record time. This is a Member State decision that requires unanimity, and from what “we have seen so far, the trajectory is clear”.

Earlier, the Council of Europe announced that an algorithm had been created for imposing sanctions against any representatives of the Moldovan opposition, who, according to Brussels, “undermine the sovereignty of Moldova.” This mechanism is currently an empty black list without the names and names of companies, which is expected to be filled in the future. All of its defendants will be banned from entering the EU, and their assets will be frozen.

“Moldova is one of the countries most affected by the consequences of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, and we see increasing attempts to destabilize Moldova. The new sanctions regime will enable us to continue building Moldova’s resilience by targeting [для санкций] those who are trying to destabilize Moldova”, – stressed the head of the EU foreign service Josep Borrell.

As reported EADaily , the Moldovan authorities have also developed their own “black list” against Russian citizens who, in their opinion, interfere in the affairs of the republic. It also included officials and popular artists who “promote and support Russia’s war against Ukraine.” Prime Minister Doreen Rechan said that this document is not public and many learn that they are under sanctions, directly arriving at the airport in Chisinau. According to the head of the government of the Republic of Moldova, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin entry into Moldova is also prohibited.

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