The EU wants to make the reduction of gas from the Russian Federation mandatory

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    Gas Crisis in Europe

    The European Union adopted a resolution to reduce gas demand by 15% this winter, and if now this resolution is designed for a voluntary reduction in gas demand, then soon the situation may lead to a mandatory restriction. This was reported on the website of the Council of the European Union.

    As explained on the EU website, the regulation provides for the possibility of triggering a so-called “Union Security of Supply Warning”. In this case, reducing the demand for gas will become mandatory.

    “Members of the European Union have agreed to increase the likelihood of introducing this initiative, in the event of a significant risk of a serious shortage of gas or exceptionally high demand for gas,” the Council’s website says. And if the five EU members agree to initiate a “Union Alert”, then restrictions on gas demand will become mandatory for most consumers.

    In choosing measures to reduce demand, Member States agreed that they should consider prioritizing measures that do not affect protected consumers. For example, households, and essential services for the functioning of society, such as critical businesses, healthcare, and defense.

    Earlier URA.RU reported that the European Union reduces gas consumption by 15% in winter. National News Service wrote that Europe would pay more in a dispute over the Nord Stream turbine. Also business edition SIGHT reported that the Russian oil industry surprised not only the West.

    On February 24, Russia announced a special operation on the territory of Ukraine. After that, Western countries announced anti-Russian sanctions against the country. Then they faced serious consequences.

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