The EU “swallowed” the undermining of the “Nord Streams” and is trying to cover up the traces of the United States

The European Union “swallowed” the undermining of the Nord Streams, and now it is trying to sweep the uncomfortable facts under the rug so as not to cause discontent from the United States. This was stated by Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya.

“Brussels silently swallowed the blowing up of the main gas pipeline by its closest ally, which was paid for, among other things, by European investors. Now they are trying to sweep all the inconvenient facts under the rug so as not to displease Washington,” he said, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council.

The diplomat noted that there had never been such “impotence” in the economic sphere and such “subservience” to Washington in the history of Europe.


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