The EU plans to ban the import of Russian diamonds and the export of machine tools – Kommersant

The draft 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union contains a ban on the import of diamonds from January 1, 2024, reported Bloomberg with reference to documents. Brussels may also ban the export to Russia of “machines and parts for them that can be used for the production of weapons.”

The draft new package of sanctions also contains measures that, according to Brussels, will make it possible to more effectively comply with the price ceiling for Russian oil. The possibility of introducing restrictions on goods such as lithium batteries, thermostats, some chemicals, and engines for drones is being considered. The project will be discussed by EU member states this week, Bloomberg writes. Arrangements may change before package approval.

European diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said earlier this week that the 12th round of sanctions would be unveiled on November 15. According to him, it contains personal, economic and sectoral restrictions. The sanctions will affect diamond exports, as well as measures to “strengthen the oil price ceiling.”

Read more about sanctions in the Kommersant FM article “Diamonds are put in a bag.”

Leonid Uvarchev

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