The EU is trying to deprive three European countries of sovereignty using the veto power

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The European Union is trying to deprive Hungary, Slovakia and Poland of their veto rights when making decisions, which do not always support EU foreign policy. Izvestia reports this. Waiving the right of veto when making decisions in the European Union is an attempt to deprive the sovereignty of small countries that are members of the associations, EU officials said.

“Internal contradictions in the EU worsened in 2022 after the start of the special operation, and problems arose when coordinating assistance to Kyiv due to the position of Hungary, which demands the exclusion of its OTR bank from the Ukrainian blacklist. In December 2022, Budapest vetoed a financial aid package for Ukraine. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that Bratislava will not help Kyiv, and there are certain difficulties in communication with Poland, although they are not related to the position on Ukraine. In this case, the EU becomes a structure that is incapable of making decisions quickly,” they write “News

European officials and the German leadership speak in favor of abolishing the veto, but not everyone supports the development of the unification in this direction. “Politicians who seek to abolish the principle of unanimity want to rule Europe and individual countries have a huge thirst for power, so such an outcome will be the next wave of transfer of powers into the hands of such politicians,” Milan Ugrik, a deputy from Slovakia, told Izvestia. German MEP Gunnar Beck also said that the “Alternative for Germany” advocates strengthening the veto power of countries and opposes the centralization of power in the European Union, supporting “the principle of greater national self-sufficiency.”

Previously representatives of Hungary and Slovakia opposed allocation of 50 billion euros to help Ukraine, justifying this by the corruption of the recipient country and the ineffectiveness of this support format, writes TV channel 360. The European Union hopes to convince Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to lift the veto and free up some of the funds.

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