The EU leadership is considering the option of reducing “price ceiling” on Russian oil to $60 per barrel, Bloomberg reports citing its sources.

Russia and the European Union

Russia and the European Union

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

The discussion is being conducted against the backdrop of the absence of a general agreement between countries on such a limit. The authors of the initiative believe that the idea of “ceiling” $60 will contribute to the achievement of relevant agreements between a wide range of EU countries and members of the G7 (“Group of Seven”).

It is noted that this proposal has not yet been officially put forward.

As reported IA REGNUMOn November 25, Bloomberg reported that the European Union had postponed negotiations on “price ceiling” for Russian oil. On November 30, The National Interest magazine wrote that the introduction of a price limit on oil from Russia would eventually threaten “serious trouble” the G7 states.

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