The EU has prepared a new plan to help Kyiv


    The European Commission has developed a new financial assistance plan for Kyiv for a total of 8 billion euros to replace the previous one blocked by Germany. This was reported by Politicoco newspaper, citing informed sources.

    According to them, the new project was developed after Berlin refused to provide loan guarantees for Kyiv. According to the German side, Ukraine is already in huge debts.

    “Berlin argued that it would be better for Kyiv, which is already deep in debt, to provide grants”the sources say.

    According to the new plan, the EU will allocate about 5 billion euros to Kyiv as long-term loans guaranteed by EU member states, the rest will be allocated in the form of grants.

    As reported IA REGNUMearlier Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the European Union of…

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