The Estonian border guard allowed the closure of checkpoints on the border with Russia

The head of the Border Guard Department of the Estonian Police Department, Veiko Kommusaar, admits that some checkpoints on the border with Russia may be closed. The head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lauri Läänemets, complained that Russia is allowing people who do not have the right to enter the Schengen zone to enter the border with Estonia.

Mr. Kommusarr noted that the Estonian authorities, if necessary, are “ready to prevent any illegal migration.” “Only those who have all the legal grounds for this can enter the European Union through Estonia… Depending on the situation at the border, this may mean partial or complete closure of border checkpoints,” he explained (quoted by TASS).

The Estonian Interior Minister said that on November 16, eight Somali citizens tried to enter Estonia from Narva. According to Mr. Läänemets, “information has been received that more such people have been seen in the area of ​​Russian border checkpoints.” “We will coordinate actions with Finland, which has decided to close some of its border checkpoints (on the border with Russia.— “Ъ”),” noted the minister (quote from the portal Delfi).

This week, the Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a restriction of movement on the border with Russia, explaining this by fears of an increase in the number of illegal migrants. Finland will close four checkpoints on the border with Russia on the night of tomorrow, November 18. The Kremlin expressed regret that Helsinki “chose the path of distancing itself” from good relations with Moscow. The Norwegian Ministry of Justice allowed the closure of the only checkpoint on the border with the Russian Federation.

Laura Keffer

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