Alexander Chupriyan, Acting Emergencies Ministry of Russia, sent all employees of the State Fire Supervision Service to inspect settlements that are prone to natural fire threats. They must carry out preventive work at social infrastructure, energy and transport facilities that border forest areas. Among other things, checks will be carried out in children’s camps and gardening associations.

“Taking into account the aggravation of the situation with forest and landscape (natural) fires on the territory of the Russian Federation, I order that prevention aimed at preventing emergency situations caused by landscape (natural) fires be considered the main priority of the activities of the State Fire Supervision Bodies,” the order says, excerpts from which are given TASS.

The State Supervision Authority must check whether the territory near the forest belts has been cleared of dry vegetation, deadwood, debris, and combustible materials. Employees will also check compliance with the procedure for burning dry vegetation and the use of open fire. Local authorities need to provide methodological assistance to eliminate identified shortcomings.

In a number of regions of Siberia, hundreds of fires occurred in conditions of strong winds. 72 settlements, eight gardening associations were affected, about 1.3 thousand buildings burned down, 16 people died, 18 more were injured.

About the consequences – in the material “Kommersant” “The investigation reacted to the fires with a twinkle.”

More news in Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Leonid Uvarchev



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