The engineer explained how to survive in a falling elevator


    Physicist, electrical engineer Alexei Zolotarev in a conversation with “Evening Moscow” told how to survive in a falling elevator and get the minimum number of injuries. According to the expert, it is categorically impossible to stand straight in such a situation, because when hitting the ground, a huge weight will fall on the lower limbs and the victim may simply lose his legs.

    “You need to remember that the main blow falls on your lower limbs, so you can’t stand straight in a falling elevator, you can lose bones, legs and lose a lot of blood in this way, which will lead to death,” expert warned.

    The specialist also reminded that at the time of the fall, it is necessary to cover your head with your hands. In no case should you try to jump when the cabin flies down. According to Zolotarev, the speed at which the elevator rushes is much higher than the speed of a human jump. In this case, the victim will receive even more injuries and may even hit his head on the ceiling of the elevator.

    Earlier today, in Mytishchi near Moscow, in the office building where the MFC is located, an elevator with people collapsed. According to the publication “Climb”Six people were injured as a result of the incident. Five were treated on the spot, one victim was taken to the hospital. By the way, this is not the first such incident in recent times. In April, an elevator with three passengers broke down in a shopping center in Makhachkala.

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