The embassy warned US citizens about the risk of detentions in Russia

The US Embassy in Russia has disseminated information about the risk of Americans being detained and called for them to leave the country immediately. About it says on the website of the diplomatic mission today, February 13.

As stated in the publication, US citizens should refrain from traveling to Russia “due to the unpredictable consequences” of the conflict in Ukraine, and Americans living or traveling in the Russian Federation should immediately leave the country due to the “risk of detentions.”

The embassy noted that the Russian side “may deny the citizens of the United States the recognition of dual citizenship, deprive them of access to consular assistance, mobilize them, prevent them from leaving the country and / or call for military service.”

As reported EADaily On September 28, 2022, the US Embassy has already issued a similar warning to its citizens while “there are still opportunities for this.”

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