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The Embassy of the Russian Federation is studying information about the transfer of data by a resident of Japan to the trade mission

The Russian Embassy in Japan is studying the situation with the detention of a Japanese citizen who is suspected of transferring data on military technologies to Russia. According to law enforcement agencies, 70-year-old Kazuo Miyasaka passed information to an employee of the Russian trade mission that could be used for military purposes.

“We are studying information on this issue and will respond based on the results,” said a representative of the Russian Embassy (quoted by TASS).

On June 10, Kanagawa Prefecture police detained Kazuo Miyasaka, the former head of a technology research company. He is suspected of illegally using databases and transferring information related to military technologies to an employee of the Russian trade mission in Japan, Kyodo agency reported.

According to the police, the detainee provided documentation to various Russian officers for 30 years and received about 10 million yen (about $ 91 thousand) for this. ” From July to December 2019, he made copies of eight technical documents and handed them over to an employee of the Russian side.

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