The Embassy in the United States called the meetings of Ambassador Antonov with representatives of the State Department unsatisfactory

The Russian Embassy in the United States commented on the statement by US State Department spokesman Ned Price about contacts with Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov. The embassy claims that such meetings are isolated and unsatisfactory. The diplomatic mission added that representatives of the State Department are not interested in the opinion of the Russian side.

“The official representative of the State Department, if not disingenuous, then at least does not agree on the nature of such interaction. Confirming the very fact of the conversations of the Russian ambassador that took place, however, he forgets that such contacts are isolated, ”said Igor Girenko, spokesman for the embassy, ​​in a statement (quoted from “RIA News”).

The embassy claims that the heads of the State Department refuse to receive Anatoly Antonov or “redirect to low-level officials.” “There were cases when the ambassador could not even state the Russian position during the meeting. They interrupted him and made it clear that the Americans have more important things to do than listen to the opinion of Russia,” said Igor Girenko.

The day before, State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Anatoly Antonov had recently spoken with department diplomats. Mr. Price did not elaborate on the details of the meetings.

Olesya Pavlenko


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