The elected explained why a ban on arrests of businessmen for minor crimes is needed

The elected explained why a ban on arrests of businessmen for minor crimes is needed

Anatoly Vyborny

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In fact, a system of two keys is being introduced: investigators will be required to coordinate petitions for the arrest of businessmen with the prosecutor’s office – this will allow prosecutorial control to be brought to the stage when the violation of the rights of the suspect has not yet occurred, that is, instead of subsequent control, there will be a previous one. Anatoly Vyborny, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, told Parlamentskaya Gazeta about this, commenting on the initiative of the Ministry of Justice to veto the arrests of entrepreneurs for economic crimes of minor gravity.

The corresponding draft amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure have been published on the portal of draft normative legal acts. According to the document, the department also proposes to halve the investigation time for economic crimes against businessmen.

According to the deputy, these proposals are fully consistent with the state policy aimed at curbing the unreasonable pressure of the law enforcement system on business. These measures will help stop possible attempts by businessmen to resolve problems among themselves with the help of unjustified criminal prosecution.

“The same applies to the timing of the investigation in these cases: now the investigation can take an average of 1.5 years, and all this time the entrepreneur is in jail, his business practically ceases to exist during this time. Investigators should have serious grounds for taking such measures, and the whole case should go to court as soon as possible, ”added the parliamentarian.


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