The eldest son of Japanese Prime Minister Setaro Kishida became his secretary for political affairs

TOKYO, 4 Oct – Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has appointed his eldest son, Shotaro, as secretary in charge of political affairs, the decision was announced during a press conference by the country’s cabinet secretary general, Hirokazu Matsuno.
Until now, Shotaro Kishida worked as a secretary in the administration of the head of the Japanese government. Now he will become one of the prime minister’s eight personal secretaries.
According to Japanese media, such a move may indicate that Fumio Kishida is considering his eldest son as his potential successor in the future.
“Taking into account personal qualities and abilities, the decision was made, based on the idea of ​​’putting the right person in the right place,'” commented the appointment of the Secretary General of the Japanese government.
Shotaro Kishide is 31 years old. After graduating from university, the son of the current head of the Japanese government began work at Mitsui & Co. Since March 2020, he began working as a secretary in his father’s office. Following the election of Fumio Kishida as head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Prime Minister of Japan, Shotaro also moved to the official residence of the premier in 2021.

(source: ria)

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