The eldest daughter of Lazareva and Schatz commented on the divorce of her parents for the first time

globallookpress/Alexander Keltik
globallookpress/Alexander Keltik

The divorce of the parents was a big surprise for the eldest daughter of the actors Tatyana Lazareva * (included in the register of natural persons-foreign agents in Russia) and Mikhail Shats (included in the register of natural persons-foreign agents in Russia). This publication reported star hit.

Sophia said that her father and mother did not tell her about their decision for a long time. Therefore, when she found out about the break in relations, she was greatly shocked.

“For example, nobody told me anything. They said after a very long time. Mom has already told her younger sister everything, and so I freaked out at some point, ”the girl explained.

Both artists currently reside overseas. Mikhail Shats left for Israel, and his ex-wife went to Spain. At the same time, they have not crossed paths for a long time either at work or on personal matters.

Recall that before that, Tatyana Lazareva announced her desire to live in Russia. However, according to her, she is afraid of a possible prison sentence upon returning to her homeland.

  • * – an individual or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents

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