The duty officer for moving to Odintsovo, who saved the girl from the train, decided to reward

Duty officer for moving to Odintsovo Erahovets told the details of saving the girl from the train

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The duty officer at the railway crossing in the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy in Odintsovo, Mikhail Erahovets, told 360 that they decided to reward him for saving the girl from the approaching train. Earlier, he announced his possible dismissal after this incident, but now he explained that he just had a fight with his superiors, and now everything was settled.

“No one fired me. I wrote the application myself, but everything was fine. We quarreled with the authorities a little, ”Mikhail explained.

He clarified that that evening he was at the workplace and saw that a girl “20-25 years old, no more” was walking along the crossing. She did not notice that a freight train was moving towards her. Erahovets got his bearings in time – he ran up and pushed the girl away.

“She didn’t look around, she was wearing headphones. She was sober. She said “thank you” to me. In my opinion, she was not even scared, I was more scared, ”said the man.

Internet users considered his act heroic.


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