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The Dutch asylum system is in ‘continuous crisis’


The Dutch asylum system is in a “continuous crisis”. It needs a complete restructuring. The reception of refugees should be financed not centrally, but by local authorities, these problems are reported in the report of the government advisory agencies of the Netherlands. Obviously, the report negatively assesses the national capacity to receive masses of refugees from Ukraine.

According to government agencies, the refugee clearance crisis is “almost continuous” and “created and supported by the state.” The organization’s experts believe that local authorities should be responsible for the reception of refugees, and that newly arriving refugees should be distributed among municipalities in proportion to the population of local communities. Advisers believe the chaos is being fueled by the government closing large reception centers and reducing staff at refugee offices as the number of refugees dwindles. But if their number grows again, the government resorts to improvisation.

“This leads to a lower than expected quality of medical care, to the inability of new arrivals to start a new life on a stable basis, and to a decrease in political and social willingness to provide assistance,” the report says.

The advisory agencies are proposing that instead of the current system, the government should introduce a new one based on burden-sharing.

The asylum system in the Netherlands has been in trouble for some time. For example, at the beginning of 2020, more than 15,000 asylum applications were not processed within the legal deadlines, as a result of which the state paid about € 65 million in compensation. Housing shortage is also a serious problem caused by the increase in the number of migrants, on the one hand and the national housing crisis, on the other. Recently, rents in the country have risen sharply, and rental housing is becoming less and less affordable for refugees. It also means that migrants whose status is already approved by the immigration office have nowhere to go, which leads to overcrowding in refugee centers.


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