The DPR Ombudsman said that the refusal of the UN Security Council to speak to her will not help to hide the truth about the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

March 20, 2023, 07:19

DPR Ombudsman Morozova: the truth about Ukrainian crimes will become known

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The refusal of the UN Security Council to give an opportunity to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Donbass and the war crimes committed there by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not help to silence this information, the truth will still come out. This statement was made by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR Daria Morozova in a comment. RIA News”.

“The truth will come out, and all those war crimes that, I note, have no statute of limitations, will be revealed. And all those responsible who are now giving criminal orders to shoot at our cities, kill our children, women, men, old people, as well as those who torture our prisoners, will suffer a well-deserved punishment, ”she said.

Moroz stressed that all crimes are now being recorded. According to her, the authorities of the DPR in any case should inform international organizations about the atrocities that happen.

Earlier, the UN Security Council denied the Ombudsman the opportunity to speak at his podium on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. United States Permanent Representative to the Organization, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, opposed this and called for a vote on the topic. As a result, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Malta, Albania, Japan, Ecuador were also against.


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