The doctor warned about the hidden danger of forest fires for health

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Forest fires in Russia 2023

Small particles in the smoke from forest fires can infect people hundreds of kilometers away from the fire. Evgeny Mashkovsky, Candidate of Medical Sciences, expert of the Medical Faculty of the Synergy University, told URA.RU correspondent about this.

“Smoke from forest fires poses a serious threat to human health. According to some studies, it is up to 10 times more dangerous than ordinary smog, caused, for example, by exhaust gases from cars. During forest fires, smoke can spread, depending on weather conditions, the strength and direction of the wind, for tens and even hundreds of kilometers. In addition to combustion products, it contains the so-called PM 2.5 particles (the smallest particles ranging in size from 0.001 to 2.5 micrometers). The danger is that they pass through all protective barriers, including the lungs, penetrate the bloodstream and damage the cells of the human body from the inside,” said Yevgeny Mashkovsky.

According to him, during seasonal fires, the number of hospitalizations increases significantly, so precautions must be observed. “Even if you are away from a fire but could eat, you need to minimize the time you spend outdoors to limit physical contact. It is better to stay indoors, do not open windows, use air conditioners with a ventilation system. When outdoors, it is better to use a mask or respirator to protect your respiratory organs from particles. If you feel worse, you should consult a doctor. It is worth noting that the percentage of hospitalizations is growing from 10 to 15 percent, compared with the average data for the same period when there are no forest fires, ”the doctor explained.

The number of forest fires is growing in a number of Russian regions. Smog from the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions reached the KhMAO. In the Kurgan region, the evacuation of residents was required, the passage on the highway is closed. An emergency regime has been introduced in the Sverdlovsk region.

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