The doctor spoke about the danger of a fashion trend in the nutrition of Russians

MOSCOW, Nov 9 – Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular weight loss methods among Russians. However, such a food system is not suitable for everyone and can be dangerous, nutritionist Tatyana Zharovskaya warned in an interview with Sputnik radio.
To get rid of excess weight in this fashionable way, you need to strictly adhere to a certain meal regimen. The day is divided into two parts, for example, sixteen and eight hours. A losing weight can eat for eight hours, and then he should abstain from food for sixteen hours. The 16/8 regimen is quite popular, but intermittent fasting itself is only suitable for a small number of people, the doctor said.
“There are people who genetically can eat more rarely, this method of nutrition is suitable for them, but this is only 20-30 percent of people. There is also a study that intermittent fasting works well for insulin resistance, when high insulin and impaired glucose tolerance”, – noted she.
According to the nutritionist, for most people, long periods of abstinence from food are harmful. Such a nutritional system can lead to diseases of the gallbladder and other organs of the abdominal cavity.
“As a doctor, I do not recommend intermittent fasting, because it affects the pancreas, liver and gallbladder, and a side effect of intermittent fasting is diseases of these abdominal organs. , the risks of stone formation are increasing, “Zharovskaya clarified.
Intermittent fasting isn’t the most effective way to lose weight, she said.

“It is very rare for a person to lose weight on such a diet. As a rule, when a person does not eat for a long time, he overeats,” the nutritionist explained.

The daily requirement for protein, fat and carbohydrates still needs to be replenished, she continued. In order to maintain a balanced diet during intermittent fasting, it is necessary to consult a specialist, the doctor emphasized. Additional intake of vitamins and minerals will not hurt either. Finally, a necessary precaution in this diet is an annual ultrasound of the abdominal organs, concluded Zharovskaya.

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