The director of the online school told how not to make a mistake when choosing a tutor for the exam

To prepare a student for the Unified State Examination, it is best to look for a narrow-profile tutor who does not claim that he is a “jack of all trades.” Anastasia Ekushevskaya, academic director of the Skysmart online school for children and teenagers, spoke about this in an interview with Life.

“The teacher must thoroughly understand the features of the exam this year, know what most students stumble on, what tricks will allow the child to get an extra score,” noted the expert.

According to her, not a single teacher and even a university professor can guarantee that a child will pass the exam with 100 points in a month. Therefore, the specialist recommended not to believe loud promises.

“A good tutor can only explain what results can be achieved if you study for a certain time with a certain intensity,” she added.

The expert believes that it is important to learn to distinguish real reviews about teachers from fake ones. Fake comments usually do not contain any details, while real comments tell details about the tutor. Also, the specialist should be asked what program he is going to work on and how he will track the progress of the student. Lessons should be clearly structured.


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