The developer of the Kremlin website explained why you shouldn’t wait for TikTok to be unblocked

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There are no prerequisites for unblocking the social network TikTok in Russia yet, since the company has long been owned by the United States (since the beginning of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the States have imposed a number of sanctions against the Russian Federation). Artem Geller, chief developer of the website and chairman of the commission at the Internet Development Institute, spoke about this in a conversation with URA.RU.

Information periodically appears in the media about the upcoming unblocking of TikTok. In 2022 and 2023, the date was September 27. The social network TikTok suspended Russian users’ access to live broadcasts and new content in March 2022 due to a Russian law criminalizing the spread of fakes about the Armed Forces.

“The date was far-fetched in many ways. To be honest, it is not very clear what it is based on, since no political changes have occurred, therefore, the situation will not change. A year ago this same question was raised. Somebody probably assumed that the CBO would end in some sense and in the next economic quarter or next fiscal year they would change their minds and restart everything. But there are no prerequisites for unlocking. The social network TikTok started out as a Chinese company, but the US government has done everything to ensure that it becomes essentially American if it wants to work. It was bought in America and all development is now underway there,” explained Artem Geller.

At the same time, the IT specialist recalled that TikTok left Russia on its own. “TikTok went away on its own. And please note that other than TikTok, no Chinese products or services were closed to Russia,” Geller added.

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