The deputy of the ruling party of Moldova called for the celebration of the anniversaries of the unification with Romania

CHISINAU, 25 Mar – Petr Frunze, deputy of the ruling Action and Solidarity party in Moldova, is in favor of organizing festive events in honor of the anniversary of the republic’s unification with Romania in 1918.
“I recommend mayors, regional councils, educational institutions to promote historical truth by organizing cultural and artistic events that give importance to the act of union between Bessarabia and Romania of March 27, 1918,” Frunze told reporters.
The parliaments of Moldova and Romania last year held a joint meeting for the first time. Prior to this, the governments of the two countries had repeatedly met, joint commissions and working groups were created in many areas. A new meeting of the legislative bodies of the two countries will be held before the end of the year in Bucharest. According to local analysts, the tension in relations with the Russian Federation due to the conflict in Ukraine contributes to the rapprochement between Chisinau and Bucharest.
In 1918, Romania sent troops into the territory of Moldova, drawing a border along the Dniester River (excluding the territory of present-day Transnistria). The Council of the Territory, created in Chisinau, voted for unification with the neighboring country. Since June 1940, the territory of modern Moldova has not been part of Romania. On the territory of both countries, there are supporters of the idea of ​​”unionism”, that is, the unification of Romania and Moldova by eliminating the latter as a separate state.
According to opinion polls, the majority of Moldovans are in favor of maintaining economic, political and cultural ties with Russia. Thus, the Institute of Marketing and Sociological Polls (IMAS) of the republic published at the end of February the results of a study in which it was noted that 69% of respondents were against breaking off economic relations with Russia. 70% and 73%, respectively, are against breaking diplomatic relations and cultural ties with Russia.

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