The deputy commander of the reconnaissance battalion in the NVO zone thanked the Perm people for the SUV. Video

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The deputy commander of the reconnaissance battalion, which is located in the zone of the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine, thanked the inhabitants of the Kama region for the SUV, special equipment and essentials transferred to the front. The video has been posted on social media.

“The soldiers of the separate 79th reconnaissance battalion send their regards to you. We received a parcel in the form of a UAZ car and help from the Perm Territory. <…> This car will be evacuated. <…> Many thanks to the Permians, too, for not forgetting, helping,” explained the deputy commander of the formation. The video was posted in the “Mobilization of the rear Perm 59” group on the VKontakte social network.

Earlier, residents of the Kama region were asked to assist in the purchase of special equipment for intelligence officers who participate in battles in the NVO zone. To do this, it was necessary to collect about 1.5 million rubles in the shortest possible time. Fundraising was carried out by activists of the Perm center for military sports training “Sagittarius”.


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