The Department of Health revealed why quarantine was introduced in the largest hospital in Tyumen

An emergency room in the red zone of a city hospital.  Kurgan, protective suit, doctors, paramedic, quarantine zone, red zone, city hospital 2, ambulance

In Tyumen, Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 has introduced restrictive measures to prevent the spread of influenza and coronavirus. The URA.RU journalist was informed about this by the press service of the regional health department.

“Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2 is a hospital where emergency care for various diseases is provided around the clock. Therefore, measures were introduced to limit the spread of respiratory viral infections among patients and medical personnel,” the press service of the Department of Health told a URA.RU journalist.

According to the press service of the Department of Health, this measure is considered annual and traditional, taking into account the beginning of the epidemiological season, when the incidence of viral infections, including ARVI, influenza, and coronavirus infection, increases. They added that the information was posted on boards in order to inform the maximum number of patients and their loved ones.


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