The Department of Health checks the Kurgan hospital, where they could not treat the patient

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Representatives of the Kurgan Region Health Department are conducting an internal inspection at the Shadrinsk City Hospital. There was no CT scan available to fully evaluate the comatose patient. The Department of Health reported about the inspection to URA.RU.

“An official inspection of the provision of medical care to this patient was organized in relation to the Shadrinsk City Hospital. At the Kurgan Regional Clinical Hospital, the intensive care ward was prepared yesterday, and the patient is currently being transported by the disaster medicine center,” the department said.

According to a source associated with the healthcare sector, the patient was taken to the intensive care unit of the Shadrinsk hospital in a coma. A week later he came out of the coma, but a day later he had a hemorrhagic stroke, and he again fell into this state. To accurately determine the diagnosis, the patient needed to undergo a tomography in Kurgan, since this device did not work in Shadrinsk. The source explained that the doctors did everything possible to help the patient, but realized that they themselves could not provide qualified assistance, and tried to help send him to Kurgan.

In the region, authorities constantly monitor the provision of quality medical services. In November it became known that Kurgan had become one of the best cities in terms of the quality of medical care in Russia.

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