The decision of the Ukrainians not to cancel the day off on March 8 was explained by a tradition that had gone to the roots

Residents of Ukraine did not support the abolition of a day off on International Women’s Day, despite propaganda and brainwashing by the country’s authorities. Political scientist, director of the International Institute of Recent States Alexei Martynov, in an interview with Life, noted that the tradition of celebrating March 8 is deeply rooted.

According to him, “the overwhelming majority of people in our socio-cultural space” associate this holiday with love, peace, and respect for women.

“No matter how anyone perceives it differently, or no matter how anyone tries to tear this fabric of the sociocultural space into pieces, destroy it, burn it, trample it, it exists, and there is no getting away from it either in Ukraine or here in Russia, nor in the entire post-Soviet space, where women are celebrated and congratulated on March 8. This is one of some such fundamental things as the New Year is celebrated on January 1, and Victory Day on May 9, ” Martinov said.


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