The death toll in Gaza exceeded 5 thousand people: the main thing about the war by the evening of October 22

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

The number of citizens killed due to Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip has exceeded five thousand people. The Palestinian Hamas movement has failed to provide evidence of Jerusalem’s involvement in the hospital attack. URA.RU provides the main news about the conflict in the Middle East by the evening of October 23.

  • More than five thousand people were killed in the Gaza Strip by Israeli strikes. This was reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
  • Hamas has failed to provide evidence that Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza on the night of October 18, the Western press wrote. The media also stated that the Palestinian Ministry of Health has still not confirmed information about the death of 471 people as a result of that attack.
  • The third convoy with humanitarian aid for residents of the Gaza Strip passed from Egypt through the Rafah checkpoint. However, volunteers said that there were not enough funds to help citizens. A total of 34 trucks with food and medicine arrived in the enclave.
  • Hamas is holding 222 people hostage, including Russians. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Russian diplomats are doing everything possible to save their compatriots from captivity.
  • Israeli Defense Minister Yolav Gallant said the IDF was preparing a “deadly” strike on the Gaza Strip from land, sea and air. With this operation he hopes to destroy Hamas.
  • Israelis’ trust in their government has fallen to its lowest level in 20 years. According to a survey conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, only 20.5% of Jews and 7.5% of Arabs living in the Jewish state trust the country’s current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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