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The death of niece by uncle’s gun, the panchayat punished, ‘take bath in the Ganges and stay outside the village for 45 days’

In MP’s Bhind district, a niece was killed by an uncle’s gun. After death, people buried the dead body without informing the police. Now the police have got the news, so the body has been taken out.


  • Niece killed by gun in MP’s Bhind district, police came to know after many days
  • The dead body of an eight year old girl was excavated by digging the ground
  • The village panchayat had earlier punished the uncle
  • The panchayat had said that bathe in the Ganges with the whole family and stay out of the village for 45 days.

In Sitaram Ka Pura village of Bharauli police station area of ​​the district, an innocent child who had come to the maternal grandmother died due to bullet injuries. It is told that the niece died due to the bullet fired from the uncle’s gun. After this, the family members persuaded the parents of the girl to suppress the matter and buried the girl’s body in the ground near the house.

However, when the police came to know about this matter, the police investigated the matter and got the girl’s body dug out from the ground on Wednesday. Actually, an elderly person named Ram Lakhan Kushwaha died on 7 May in Sitaram Ka Pura village. After the death of the father, his daughter Atta Devi along with her two children reached Sitaram’s Pura village. Trayodashi Bhoj program was organized on 20th May. After this, on May 21, a fight broke out between Buddha and Monu, both sons of Ram Lakhan, over a property dispute.

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The fight escalated so much that shots were fired. The bullet hit Ragini, the 8-year-old daughter of Atta Devi, who was playing on the terrace, killing Ragini on the spot. There was a stir when the girl died. After this, everyone persuaded and pacified Ragini’s mother Atta Devi and father Mansingh to suppress the death of the girl and buried the girl by digging a pit inside the ground at a distance of half a kilometer near the house.

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After this a Panchayat was organized in the village and to remove the sin of killing the niece on behalf of the maternal uncle, the Panchayat ordered the whole family to take a bath in the Ganges as well as stay out of the village for 45 days. When the information about the Panchayat being organized reached the ears of the police, the police swung into action.

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Police started investigating the matter. The investigation revealed that the girl had actually died due to bullet injuries. After this, the police got the body of the deceased Ragini excavated on the ground on Wednesday and sent it to Gwalior for post-mortem, as well as a case has been registered against the accused in Bharauli police station.


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