The data of clients of the Krasnoe & Beloe network could get into the Internet

The retailer Krasnoye & Beloe could leak information from the customer database, follows from the materials of the Moshelovka platform created by the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF). One of the volunteers of the platform received a call from a scammer who introduced himself as an investigator. He addressed the volunteer by a pseudonym, which he used only to register in the K&B loyalty program.

The head of the platform, Evgenia Lazareva, told RIA Novosti that she would send information to Roskomnadzor. “We believe that hiding customer base leaks threatens consumers, and organizations that have a duty to keep data secure have no right to hide this information and should be subject to severe penalties,” she said.

As Kommersant learned, representatives of the IT business asked the Ministry of Digital Transformation to once again finalize the amendments to the law “On Personal Data”, which regulate the circulation of anonymized information. The provision on the need to obtain the consent of a citizen for several purposes of processing his data at once may be returned to the new version of the project.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Depersonalization without demand.”

Laura Keffer


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