The Danish Navy admitted that the saboteurs left the scene of the attack on the Nord Stream on an underwater vehicle

The saboteurs who undermined the Nord Streams were supposed to have access to an autonomous and high-speed underwater vehicle, on which they left the crime scene, said in an interview Bloomberg of the most experienced divers in the Danish Navy.

“Whoever carried out the attack had access to a high-speed autonomous underwater vehicle, similar to the one used by modern navies,” the agency’s source said.

In his opinion, it would be a difficult task for saboteurs to locate pipelines without precise coordinates or tracking technology, and then transport and install explosives. Bloomberg clarifies that the Danish Navy agrees with this opinion, since it would be difficult for divers to spend the time required to organize an attack at such a depth and go unnoticed.

The Ministry of Defense and the Danish police, which are investigating the Nord Stream bombing, declined to comment.

Until the beginning of 2022, Nord Stream was one of the main routes for the supply of Russian pipeline gas to Europe (55 billion cubic meters per year). In September 2022, explosions occurred on two strands of the gas pipeline, who committed them has not yet been established. A number of European countries – Germany, Sweden and Denmark – are conducting their own investigation of the incident, Russia is not allowed to participate in investigative actions.

On February 8, American journalist Seymour Hersh published an article in which he claimed that the US authorities had initiated the bombing. The White House denies involvement in the Nord Stream explosions. According to a number of Western media, a certain pro-Ukrainian group that is not directly connected with the Ukrainian authorities may be involved in the explosion.

Read more about the investigation into the explosion of gas pipelines in the material “Kommersant FM” “Versions diverge in streams.”

Alexander Kislov


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