The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Josef Sikela, said that the country is not going to pay for gas from Russia in rubles.

The head of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Josef Sikela, said that the Czech Republic is not going to pay for Russian gas in rubles. He also expressed his readiness, under certain conditions, to refuse to purchase oil from Russia by the end of 2022.

According to the minister, the Czech Republic still wants to pay for gas in euros, since it buys most of it on Western European stock exchanges.

He also explained that the only Czech company that buys gas directly from Russia is the energy company ČЕZ, which “pays and will continue to pay in euros.” Sikela told this to journalists on Monday, May 2, after a meeting in Brussels of EU ministers in charge of energy issues.

He also stressed that Prague is ready to support the proposal to stop by the end of this year the purchase of oil from Russia to the EU countries in the event that plans for joint purchases of energy raw materials are implemented, and the EU will have certain reserves.

Earlier, the French authorities refused to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

Recall that on March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the transfer of natural gas payments to the EU states and other countries that have imposed anti-Russian sanctions into rubles in order to stop using dollars and euros in calculations. Since April 1, Russia considers unfriendly states to default on obligations under gas contracts if they do not pay in rubles.


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