The Czech Republic began to buy diesel fuel in the US — EADaily, March 6, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News

The first batch of diesel fuel from the USA arrived in the Czech Republic for the first time. This is reported by local media.

The first deliveries made in Louisiana, USA, arrived at the warehouses of the state-owned fuel distributor Čepro. It is noted that drivers will be able to fill their cars with this diesel engine for three to six weeks. The company currently imports most of its oil products from Germany, Austria and Poland.

“It is essential for the Czech Republic to ensure that we have enough high-quality fuel so that we do not again have to face a similar situation as last spring, when prices, especially for diesel, rose disproportionately. Thanks to the new contracts, we will be ready for the fluctuations that the war in Ukraine can cause,” – said the Minister of Finance of the Republic Zbynek Staniura.

Recall that the Czech Republic is one of the main initiators of increased sanctions pressure on Russia. At the same time, the country previously depended on the supply of hydrocarbons from the Russian Federation. The current import of diesel fuel from the United States was the result of the Russophobic policy of the Czech authorities, who decided to abandon Russian raw materials.

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