The Czech Foreign Ministry said they were not going to expel the Russian ambassador yet

There are no plans to expel the Russian ambassador to the Czech Republic yet. The time to follow the example of the Baltic countries has not yet come. This was stated on February 12 by the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry Martin Dvorak on the air of Czech TV.

He called this issue very sensitive and having “so heavy caliber”which is still “it’s not time to get this heaviest weapon”.

Dvorak also recalled that not so long ago, the Czech Republic took quite tangible measures against Russia, reducing the number of its diplomats in Prague.

Recall that in April 2021, the Czech authorities expelled 18 Russian diplomats from the country. According to Prague, they were allegedly intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the embassies of Russia in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic in the Russian Federation will each have seven diplomats, 25 administrative and technical personnel and 19 personnel from among local residents.

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