The curator of the St. Petersburg police academy was suspected of harassing a student

Petersburg Police Academy will check reports of harassment by a student employee

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A freshman from the Shchelokov Police Academy complained to teachers about harassment by the curator of the educational institution. As stated in the conversation with the site the director of the educational institution Oleg Yarukhin, the girl did not contact the police, but they intend to look into the situation.

He added that the curator in question wrote a letter of resignation even before the start of the scandal.

“He didn’t even know what happened there. While not slandered yet, we need to understand. We have this worker fired,” said Yarukhin.

As the journalists found out, a friendly relationship began between the sixteen-year-old student and the curator during their studies. In January, they decided to meet in a pub at the Azimuth Hotel, where the teacher began to molest the girl, and also called her an invalid due to a knee injury.

According to the publication, there was an intimate relationship between the curator and the student. In addition, according to, the victim was not the only one affected by the actions of the curator. There is no official confirmation of this information.


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