The crew of the T-72 tank saved the infantry squad during the battle

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The crew of the T-72 tank rescued the wounded from the shelling of fighters during offensive operations in the DPR. The commander of the tank with the call sign “Abdula” told a URA.RU correspondent about this.

“We arrived, performing a combat mission, to [вражеских] positions. We fired at them, completed the task and went back to look for the third crew, which was gone. They returned back through the positions of the infantry. We saw that half of the infantry was already lying. We drove up to them, covered them with a hull. We fired at the enemy the remnants of ammunition, took the wounded to the armor and drove to the base. <…> I can’t leave my boys. I stopped, opened the hatch, shouted for the wounded to be put on armor. Those who were still healthy helped to throw the wounded,” said “Abdula”.

According to him, if the wounded had not been pulled out, they would have been doomed to death. First aid was provided to the wounded at the base of the RF Armed Forces. They were later taken to the hospital. The commander said that he did not perceive the rescue of the wounded as a feat. “I think this is normal. It’s just that if I hadn’t pulled them out, I would have felt bad later. Conscience would hurt. Any crew from our company would have done the same, ”concluded the fighter.

In 2022, a Russian tanker rescued his crew after being shelled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). The commander with the call sign “Max” said that he climbed through the gunner’s hatch, raised the gun up and pulled out the mechanic.

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