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The court ordered the disclosure of the name of the plaintiff who accused Spacey of harassment

A federal judge in New York ordered an anonymous plaintiff, who accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment, to disclose his name, reports Deadline.

Star Trek star Anthony Rapp and an unnamed man filed a joint sexual harassment lawsuit against American actor and director Kevin Spacey in September 2020, allegedly in the 1980s.

The man reportedly participated in the proceedings under the pseudonym “C.D.” Now the court has given him 10 days to reveal his real name. However, the man’s lawyers have already notified the court that the emotional state of their client does not allow him to continue to participate in the proceedings openly, and he will drop the claim, the newspaper writes.

According to Judge Lewis Kaplan, C.D. discussed harassment by Spacey with various people, including Rapp, which means the man consciously took the risk and understood that one of them could reveal his name, and it would become known to the public.

The major scandal around Kevin Spacey began with a statement from Anthony Rapp, who said that when he was 14 years old, a drunken actor tried to seduce him. Spacey claimed to have no recollection of the harassment incident.

The minor Rapp, however, apologized to him. Subsequently, the Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos said that he was the victim of sexual harassment by Spacey and knows many other people who found themselves in a similar situation.

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