The court in Dagestan commuted the punishment of the former head of the Republican Bureau of Medical Expertise

The Supreme Court of Dagestan confirmed today, May 16, the decision of the district court, which replaced the unserved part of the sentence with forced labor to the former head of the Main Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise (ITU) for Dagestan, Magomed Makhachev.

As Kommersant reported, in June 2021, the Sovetsky District Court sentenced Magomed Makhachev to seven and a half years in a strict regime colony. He was accused of taking a bribe in a significant and large amount on several episodes, in one of the cases with extortion.

As follows from the materials of the case, Magomed Makhachev personally received bribes in the form of money from the heads of the ITU bureaus subordinate to him for committing illegal inaction in their favor, as well as for connivance in the service in their interests, including extorting bribes totaling 950 thousand rubles. rub. The defendant was also deprived of the right to hold leadership positions in state and municipal institutions for five years.

Zarema Mamaeva, head of the press service of the Supreme Court of the Republic, told Kommersant that the defendant’s lawyer applied to the Kirovsky District Court of Makhachkala with a request to replace the remaining unserved part of the sentence with a milder form.

Since Magomed Makhachev served more than half of the sentence imposed on him (the time he was in custody from August 2, 2018 was included in the term of serving), and also taking into account his behavior, attitude to study and work during the entire period of his stay in the correctional colony, the district court came to the conclusion that the goals of punishment in the future can be achieved with the help of forced labor also in isolation.

The prosecutor’s office filed an appeal against this decision of the district court, but the Supreme Court of the republic, having studied the materials, including data on the positive behavior of the convict during the period of serving the sentence, found no grounds for canceling it.

Julia Rybina, Makhachkala


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