The court fined Oleg Yagodin, vocalist of the Kurara rock band, 40,000 rubles for discrediting the army


The Kirovsky District Court of Yekaterinburg fined Oleg Yagodin, the soloist of the Kurara rock group, 40,000 rubles. for discrediting the Russian armed forces. The protocol was based on his anti-war statements at the Ural Music Night festival on the night of June 25 in Yekaterinburg. Oleg Yagodin intends to appeal the court’s decision.

Oleg Yagodin is charged with making a negative statement about the Russian armed forces and President Vladimir Putin. “This is completely untrue,” his lawyer Georgy Krasnov said earlier. The lawyer clarified that, in fact, Oleg Yagodin said from the stage: “No war, no ***** – neither you nor me. Be healthy. Think, think, think.”

At the court session, the defender petitioned for the involvement of linguistic expertise in the case materials. At the initiative of the defense counsel, it was held by the chief state forensic expert of the Ural Regional Center for Forensic Examination of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Doctor of Philology Anna Plotnikova.

“I did not utter any insulting words to the president. The subject of speech is war as a phenomenon as a whole,” the conclusion of the examination says. According to the police, on the night of June 25, Oleg Yagodin said: “No war, no *****. Putin is a thief”. The lawyer believes that the police “misrepresented Yagodin’s words”, since the last part was changed. As proof of this, the defense lawyer presented two video recordings in which different statements are heard: one of them was attached to the case file by the state prosecutor, and the other recording was by the defense lawyer. The recording was conducted by one of the spectators, who confirmed the absence of words about the President of Russia in court in Oleg Yagodin’s statement.

Oleg Yagodin himself does not agree with the accusation. According to him, he did not aim to discredit the RF Armed Forces. Also, to protect Oleg Yagodin, the director of the Kolyada Theater in Yekaterinburg, Nikolai Kolyada, spoke in court. “The audience fills the theater thanks to the fact that Yagodin is playing. He is an outstanding artist. And he did not utter those words that are imputed to him, ”he said. As the lawyer explained to reporters after the court session, these “unfounded” accusations entail negative consequences for the group, the theater and the family of Oleg Yagodin.

Diana Sunagatullina, Yekaterinburg


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