The consulate sent an elderly Russian woman to the Russian Federation who was unable to escape to the United States with her son

The Russian consulate, with the support of compatriots, sent 73-year-old Valentina Kotova, who needed care, from Mexico to Russia. She sold her property in the Russian Federation in 2022 and tried to flee to the United States with her son and his Ukrainian wife. According to Consul Alexander Ivashchenko, the relatives left the elderly woman in Mexico and refuse to help her.

The consulate, together with her compatriots, placed the woman in a hotel, she was “treated a little” and the day before, November 14, she was sent to the Russian Federation, Mr. Ivashchenko said “RIA News”. The flight from Dubai should have already arrived at Moscow Domodedovo Airport, from where the Russian woman intends to go to Voronezh and rent a room there. The consulate fears for her health and the lack of documents to receive medical care in Moscow.

“The idea to contact the media came late. Everyone was thinking about how to help her in Russia through some of their personal contacts, but, unfortunately, they couldn’t find anyone. Maybe some organizations will find out about this case and be able to help,” said Mr. Ivashchenko.

Mrs. Kotova, along with her son and his wife, tried to cross the border into Mexico to get into the United States. For this reason, in 2022 she sold her property in the Russian Federation. After this, the woman remained in Mexico, and her son and his wife went to the United States under the program for Ukrainian refugees. According to the consul, Ms. Kotova was left “at the door of the Russian consulate” with her belongings, but without money. According to the diplomat, the woman is in poor health, “on injections.” She cannot walk due to back pain and uses a wheelchair, and also has problems with high blood pressure. In the Russian Federation, as stated, no one is waiting for her, she has no housing, and her son, in a conversation with diplomats, “refused to participate in solving problems.” The woman’s son himself did not comment on the information for the media.

Leonid Uvarchev

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