The construction guard who did not let the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Bastrykin into the facility filed a complaint with the court against the St. Petersburg investigator

The Vasileostrovsky Court of St. Petersburg registered a complaint of a construction guard who had not allowed the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia into the facility before. Alexandra Bastrykina. The worker complained about the investigator, the joint press service of the city courts reports.

According to the production materials, on May 16, a criminal case was initiated against the security guard of the construction site on abuse of authority. On the same day, the First Deputy Prosecutor General annulled the decision as illegal. Two days later, the criminal case was reopened on behalf of the head of the RF Investigative Committee, Bastrykin. The security guard was recognized as a suspect and interrogated, after which the company where he worked was searched.

The defendant’s interests were represented by a lawyer Dmitry Oktysyuk. As a result, the Vasileostrovskiy District Court registered a complaint against the illegal actions of the investigator.


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