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The confrontation between government and scientists in China, 90 scientists together resign from the largest nuclear center, accused of creating unnecessary pressure

A major crisis has emerged in China. In fact, 90 nuclear scientists have resigned simultaneously in a government nuclear institution there.

The ruling Communist Party of China has ordered an inquiry into the matter and described it as a ‘brain drain’. According to the report, ‘China’s best minds’ people have access to sensitive information and now their sudden resignation the Chinese government is anticipating a conspiracy.

Explain that the scientists who have resigned, they were working in China’s Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST). The institute is located in the eastern city of Hefei in China. The institute is part of the Government Chinese Academy of Science of China. The Chinese Academy of Science is China’s top research body.

According to, INEST has considerable expertise in advanced nuclear energy and safety technology and the institute has been involved in over 200 national and international projects. According to the report, the institute has 600 scientists and 80% of them hold PhD degrees.

Recently the institute was in the news for developing a virtual nuclear power plant. Explain that with the help of this virtual nuclear power plant, the safety of the nuclear institution can be ensured.

According to reports, a battle of control is also going on between INEST and its parent institution. It is believed that the institute is facing funding shortage these days and this could be the reason that private companies are luring these scientists. It is believed that now only around 100 scientists are working in the institute.

China’s research work is done only in government universities and research institutes. In such a situation, it is believed that scientists are resigning due to the offer of more money in private institutions.

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